Veronica Mockler


Video performance on the political potential of impromptu face-to-face personal story sharing.

Mich and Marshall are asked to share a personal story in front of a camera. Both participants arrive at a unified understanding of events when one’s story is orally expressed by the other. This continuous one-shot 15-minute video performance demonstrates our empathetic capacity as individuals. Part performance, part documentary, this piece was created in response to recent scientific findings that have demonstrated a 10-minute active one-on-one conversation between two strangers can durably reduce longstanding ingrained prejudice¹. These findings inspired this video-performance in addition to bringing an empirical premise to the artist’s recurring exploration of human interaction as a method for social-political transformation.

  • Canvassers premièred in a solo exhibition curated by Christophe Barbeau in Redding Flagg Gallery in Toronto ON, Canada on February 2017.
  • Canvassers has been presented in Future Perfect group show, curated by Nadav Assor, in Ammerman Center's Biennial on Technology, Art and Intersections in New London CT, US during February 2018.
  • Canvassers has been presented in Third Shift group show, organized by Third Space Gallery, in Saint John NB, Canada during August 2018.
  • This work is distributed non-exclusively by Montreal video art distributor Videographe:

1. Science Mag 08 Apr 2016 | Vol. 352, Issue 6282, pp. 220-224 | DOI: 10.1126/science.aad9713 | Authors : David Broockman | Joshua Kalla

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