Veronica Mockler

Chronique d'un été

A cinéma-vérité critique of a specific white Québecois youth demographic.

This work borrows its title from famous French documentary classic Chronique d'un été (directed by Edouard Morin and Jean Rouch, 1961). In a similar way to its predecessor, this contemporary Québécois take on cinema vérité also presents a youth particular to its time, place and economic status. Chronique d'un été (directed by Mockler in 2016) documents the conversation of three white and young privileged individuals belonging to a typical Western world demographic. The issues raised by this somewhat captivating group of friends constitute the artist’s critique. The futility of their interaction, though entertaining at first, slowly becomes alarming for anyone viewing the work. How these young people have the luxury to be solely concerned with their hair colour is the reality the works aims to expose and subvert.

Chronique d'un été has been presented part of Women Cinema Makers Biennial / Official Selection (2018) Berlin, Germany. See here the accompanying publication:

Chronique d'un été has been presented part of GSTAAD Art Film Festival / Official Selection (2017) Montevideo, Uruguay.

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