Veronica Mockler

The Act of Being Seen / Two Studies

Two video studies question the biased act of being seen in relation to gender and whiteness.

In this early work, I was attempting to explore how gaze (the act of being seen) varies according to which body is looking.

In the first study, the group of young women observe one another in silence. Their gaze is structured, attentive, and directed towards themselves, whereas in the second video study, the viewer is presented with what seems to be a bored and disinterested young white male who could not care less about being filmed.

I wanted to allow viewers to draw their own conclusions as to what mental processes, assumptions, and biases are at work in these 'characters'.

These video works can be shown together, or separately.

screen shot 2019 09 24 at 11 49 47 am


screen shot 2016 12 29 at 7 55 01 pm