Veronica Mockler

Listening to Nati

Ongoing documentary work on the public representation of Nati's story and sexual violence activism.

This ongoing documentary work is about Natasha (Nati), a young woman who sought out Mockler back in 2018 to ask the artist if she would help tell her story - Nati's story. The two women did not know one another before hand. They first met in a coffee shop, which they left minutes later to find a more private place to talk. Natasha went on to present herself as a 21-year-old Montreal-born woman who was first sexually assaulted at the age of 7. She recounted how she had survived six cases of sexual violence perpetrated by different men. Nati identifies as a "Lao-Salvadoreña activist against sexual violence, a rape survivor, and a suicide attempt survivor" (taken from Natasha's bio on her Instagram account). At the age of 21, Natasha decided to publicly address, through video logs on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, the sexual abuse, incest, and misogyny she has experienced in her lifetime.

Listening to Nati is a documentary work in which Mockler looks at the ways in which she can help Natasha share her story in the public realm. Containing interviews, audio-video and photo documents, performances and reenactments, public consultations and reflexive interventions by the artist, this documentary work investigates Nati's life, Nati and Mockler's relationship and collaboration, as well as sexual violence storytelling.

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