Veronica Mockler

A Shared Keynote
A collaborative intergenerational inaugural speech at the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology
Stepping Into Halka
Arts-based internship for documentary positioning and critical inclusion.
À l'image – Takeover
Two-year-long takeover of Dazibao Contemporary Art's exhibition outreach by 7 young women.
The Third Screen
For a Dialogic and Participatory Oral History: Listening to a Stranger
Found In Translation
Video performance in which live translation sets the stage for intersectional listening.
Online Art Gatherings
Art Gatherings with a group of women in collaboration with migrant rights organization ARM.
Womxn Walk the Walk
Collective exploring intersectional feminist listening and walking in public space.
Community-based voicings and media performances by eleven Franco-Manitobans.
The Address
Series of ethnographic and documentary performances on the Right to Housing in Montréal.
Sensory diversity, Dancing and Listening
Collaborative non-fiction multimedia video on dance and sensory-diversity.
Listening to Nati
Ongoing documentary work on the public representation of Nati's story and sexual violence activism.
Les Interprètes
A series of voicings and media performances by 16 teenagers newly arrived to Québec.
Ongoing oral history research-creation project with Susana Hennessey and Bobby Lavery.
Documentary performances featuring 8 residents of Côte-des-Neiges.
The Left Point in Belfast
Video performance in which strangers try to disagree with one another genuinely.
Repetition, trust and testimony set the stage for a one of a kind video performance.
Chronique d'un été
Hyperbolic cinéma-vérité of a specific white Québecois demographic.
Strangers and acquaintances are left alone in front of a camera to share whatever they want.
March 23, 2014
Series of performances in which collaborators and I answer to a personal question, publicly.
Listing 02
Series of performances in which I voice what I am and what I am not in front of an audience.
November 23, 2013
Series of performances in which collaborators and I answer to a personal question, publicly.
Listing 01
Series of performances in which I voice what I am and what I am not in front of an audience.
The Persona
3-part performance exploring partying as a form of identity work, in relation to gender and privilege.
The Act of Being Seen / Two Studies
Two video studies question the biased act of being seen in relation to gender and whiteness.

The Third Screen presented in the Acts of Listening

"This immersive installation serves as a call to action for a more dialogic approach to art and knowledge-making." — Acts of Listening Lab, Concordia University


Explored a different collaboration modality with the team for this new response to Dazibao Contemporary Art's program. Sound, Energy and Heat is a testament to how the personal is, in fact, political. Visit to explore D, I, M, S, S, S, and T's positionings.

Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance

Joining Catherine Richardson, Zeina Allouche and Safia Boufalaas in this conversation next week. Dialogic approaches, such as a this 'sharing circle workshop' are elemental.

Discussion on Art, Pedagogy and Social Justice Conceptions

Joined artists and researchers Vivek Venkatesh and José Cortes as guest panelist for the Graduate ARTE Seminar in Advanced Critical Analysis in Art Education at Concordia University.

World Forum Acoustic Ecology in Florida

The Third Screen is opening in Atlantic Centre for the Arts in WFAE on March 24. To support the dialogic approach evident in my video installation, WFAE agreed to sponsor 17 y-o Bénéwendé Segueda from MTL to join Keynote Amanda Gutierrez on stage.

Project Someone Documentary Internship

Entering post-production with Montreal youth Hunnayna Hemed, Kendra McDonald, and Kaymarie Sutherland who are developing a documentary piece about Halka's creative process and exploring the very ethics of their inclusion in this arts-based academe.

Snapshot of first Takeover!

"Big talk today about perception: We walked into Dazibao, and weren't expecting this type of art. After spending time in the space researching the work, we felt a connection to it. We found meaning in something that felt unrelatable to us at first.” — I, D, S, S, S, V, T, and M

À l'image - Takeover

Meet the dream team taking over Dazibao Contemporary Art Center over the next two years: Sanaa, Shayah, Talayah, and Destiny (top left to right); Mei, Sasha, and Isha (bottom left to right). 🔗

New two year-long work with Dazibao Contemporary Art Center!

So thrilled this is finally happening! Thank you to the Canada Council for the Arts, the City of Montreal, and Project Someone at Concordia University for their support.

Guest artist and Workshop in Cégep Limoilou

The department of Arts, Language and Communication at Cégep Limoilou has invited me to hold a workshop with its students as part of their course entitled Cultural Issues. I would like to thank teacher Samuel Pruneau for including me in his curriculum.

Project Someone's Newest Addition!

Happy to be joining the ranks of Project Someone at Concordia University as core artist and research affiliate in Dialogic Art, Participatory Practice and Documentary Representation.

Screening with Groupe Intervention Video

Happy to have had my collaborative work *in LSQ, Français and English* presented in Groupe Intervention Video (GIV) screening soirée at Maison de la culture du Plateau Mont-Royal. The program featured six of GIV's newly distributed works!

Launch : Cigale 3, Souverainetés/Sovereignties

Read a passage from my recently published text "Home Rule" at the launch of Cigale’s third issue "Souverainetés/Sovereignties" at Anteism Books in collab with Documents on Expanded Poetics.

Screening in UnionDocs, Brooklyn, NY

Honoured to have my most recent piece screened alongside the barrier-breaking work of Javier Toscano, Adela Goldbard, Hadley Austin, Yoni Goldstein, and Amanda Gutiérrez. Thank you Amanda and Union Docs for the warm invitation.

Interview for ATSA podcast

Dearest collaborator Joanna Guillaume and I discussed allyship and our respective positionality as active agents in the role that art can play in the anti-racist and pro-migrant rights struggle. QR code is up right now in MLK Park, Montréal. Also available on all main podcast platforms!

Collaboration and/as Negotiation: Documentary Ethics

Thrilled to be giving a workshop next month in UNION DOCS on documentary performance as collaborative action. Thank you to curator Amanda Gutierrez for the amazing invitation.

"Home Rule" published in Cigale

Honoured to have been able to write about the political practice of listening to others in Cigale's latest issue "Sovereignties".

Three-channel video installation opening in ALLAB

Join me on December 14 and 15, 2021 for the unveiling of Person in Common, the artwork resulting from my collaborative research-creation on the interview experience of strangers.

Chat in La Converse

Interviewed by La Converse on the power of citizen-centred participatory art against systemic oppression, specifically on work THE ADDRESS and the right to housing.

Rajni Shah - Experiments in Listening

Honoured to be saying and reading a few words from Rajni Shah's kind and radical new book Experiments in Listening.

Les Interprètes & Corps Perceptifs - Official Distribution

Officially distributed by Groupe Intervention Vidéo, one of the rare artist-run centres in the world dedicated to the promotion of video artworks made by women, in its most inclusive definition.

Scottish Oral History Centre, Glasgow, Scotland

Screening of video performance Found in Translation in the COHDS/SOHC Biannual Summer Institute Embodied Stories: Gender, The Body, and Oral History– June 7-9 2021.


New public work "Four Corner Words" is up and running at @placedesarts ! Opening on Thursday May 13, 2021 at 5PM (EDT). Mask up!


"Found In Translation" (2021) and documentation of the performance by Womxn Walk the Walk (2019) in commemoration of the 1989 Polytechnique Feminicide in Tiohtià:ke, Mooniyang, Montréal is opening in SBC this week thanks to artist-in-res Amanda Gutierrez.

Four Corner Words in ATSA Festival

WWW's intersectional reality is our starting and ending point for this public intervention @ Place-des-arts. Our four plurilingual prints address our respective identities, geographical and political reorientations, may they be present, past, and future.

Found In Translation

Gallery takeover at SBC by artist-in-residence Amanda Gutierrez allowed for the creation of most recent performance "Found in Translation". My methodology of the unscripted is explored by Womxn Walk the Walk and set the stage for intersectional listening.

I Can't Stand The Idea Of Putting Words In Someone Else's Mouth

Honoured to have Jacob Wren, Luis Carlos Sotelo Castro, nènè myriam konaté and Rajni Shah join me on April 14 2021 to explore a politics unscripted listening and speaking.

Conference in York University

Presenting my research-creation work as part of York U's "Imagining Differently" Graduate Program in Theatre & Performance Studies and The Centre for Imaginative Ethnography Conference!

Emerging Scholar Symposium

Presenting where my unscripted listening has led me over the years in collaboration, research, art practice and activism in conference next week!

Restorative Justice Performance

Engaging members of the community in a Restorative Justice process between a victim and offender of sexual violence. #research-creation #politicsofperformance #listeningpractices


Honoured to be talking about my documentary essai with choreographer Sara Hanley on her collaboration with Montrealers belonging to the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community.

HTMLLES Festival 2020

Womxn Walk the Walk takes part in 'Turning Points' roundtable (org. Anne-Marie Trépanier + Hannah Azar Strauss) alongside Queering The Map, the Parc-Ex Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, Spectographies, Geomedia Lab, and Paper Places.

FRQ Award

Honoured to be working with Vivek Venkatesh, the City of Montreal, Concordia U and the INRS to create media art-based work that will convey the needs of marginalized communities regarding racial and social profiling by policing, health and education institutions.

Landscape of Hope

Put together a short documentary for Project Someone's iterative performance Landscape of Hope as part of the UNESCO Chair for the prevention of violent extremism held by Vivek Venkatesh at Concordia University. See on Project Someone's website!

1981 Irish Hunger Strike Commemoration

Created a video work on a historical instance of Quebec's anti-colonial resistance. I dug out beautiful archives and interviewed activist Kevin Callahan on the support that manifested in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal) during the 80s for the Irish prisoners' Five Demands.

Employee training on Socially Engaged Art

Gave a talk/training to employees of the Ensemble Foundation in Tiohtià:ke. We explored my use of conceptual art and video art as opportunities for self-determination, specifically with youth in schools.

First In-Person Art Gathering

Documentation of the performance art gathering I facilitated with refugee women and their local 'twins'. At the beginning of the pandemic, I began a series of 'Art Gatherings Online' for and with refugee rights organization Action Réfugiés Montréal.

One-year anniversary of THE ADDRESS!

Our ethno-documentary performance "The Address" was a year ago… a year since the work enabled us to listen to 8 residents' experience of the housing crisis:

Performance, gathering & advocacy!

I began a series of "Art Gatherings" online with newly arrived refugeed women and Action Réfugiés Montréal. So thankful and excited to continue—we had our 1st gathering last week!

Emerging Scholar Symposium

What a wonderful symposium organized by the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling. Talked about my current research in socially engaged art, performance, public pedagogy and oral history.

Exhibition in Feminist Spatial Stories

I'll be presenting my research and work with Womxn Walk the Walk Collective in an Emerging Scholars' Symposium looking at feminist spatial stories.

Workshop facilitation with Filipino Heritage Group

WWW facilitated a workshop with women from Filipino Heritage Group during which the group explored storytelling through oral performance and embodied mapping.

Workshop facilitation with Filipino Heritage

Womxn Walk the Walk is facilitating a workshop with the Filipino Heritage Community group in Montreal to restore through performance and mapping participants' feminist social memory.

Last week to catch Pavillon in MAVF

The exhibition of the work I created in collaboration with Winnipeg-based francophone community ends this week. If you're in the area, go check it out at Maison des Artistes Visuels!

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

I received a grant from the Quebec Art Council (Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec) to go set up my show and facilitate a gathering during my exhibition "Pavillon" in MAVF!

Vernissage in Manitoba at la Maison des Artistes Visuels

My work Pavillon is opening on December 5, 2019 in MAVF Winnipeg. I will be present alongside members of the community who participated in the residency.

Live on Radio-Canada Manitoba to talk about new exhibition

I'm live on Wednesday at L'Actuel to talk about my newest work "Pavillon" opening at la Maison des Artistes Visuels on December 5, 2019 at 7PM.

Showing "Les Interprètes" in La Lumière

"Les Interprètes" was featured in video art program "WEAVING NARRATIVES" curated by Amanda Gutierrez. Honoured to be showing work alongside Carolina González Valencia, Adela Goldbard and Gutierrez herself!

Public Speech Act

Friend and collaborator Joanna Guillaume performed a speech act with Womxn Walk the Walk Collective last week. The work was the closing event of a walk in commemoration of the Polytechnique Women Massacre, that took place 30 years ago this year.

Republican Irish senator visits Mockler's exhibition

Senator Niall Ó Donnghaile visits my sound installation at Concordia University's Acts of Listening Lab (COHDS) which features the voices of Susana and Bobby Lavery (Northern Ireland, UK).

Installation opening in Centre for Oral History

Showing work in the Acts of Listening Lab's symposium Listening, Performance, and Conflict from November 4-10 in the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling.

Screening in LA LUMIÈRE

Happy to be taking part in La Lumière's: "Weaving Narratives: Four Takes, a video program featuring four female artists whose work deals with themes of oral history and suppressed narratives in their practice." - Amanda Gutierrez, Curator.

Oral History Sound Installation

I will be presenting a sound installation that is part of my bigger investigation entitled "Athléimneacht" in the International Symposium Performance, Listening and Conflict.

Womxn Walk the Walk

Womxn Walk the Walk is a collective of artists, researchers and community members who explore the intersectional experiences of female identity in public space through group walks, listening, performance, new media and mapping. Please visit our calendar for upcoming walks:

Artist-in-Residence at MAVF in Winnipeg

Tune in to listen to my interview on CBC where I talk about the creative process behind my residency at la MAVF. I'm conducting community-based creation with 11 francophones folks living in Winnipeg.

Article by URBANIA on performance in The Triangle

URBANIA Magazine interviews Sofia Blondin and myself on the research that led to the creation of our series of ethno-documentary performances that opened last Sat. May 25th.

Article in La Presse after The Address's première

Honoured to have Head the Investigation Katia Gagnon at La Presse write an editorial piece on our work The Address. Gagnon has been covering the housing situation in Montreal for years.

The Address opens in The Triangle

I have been working on an ethno-documentary performance on housing rights for the past year. Come and witness the creative outcome of my art collective's investigation and meet actual residents who have been at the center of the crisis.

Live radio interview with Visible on CBC Montreal

Tune in on CBC Radio Montreal on May 23 at 6PM to hear Sofia Blondin and myself talk about upcoming work on Housing Rights in Côte-des-Neiges borough.

Radio Canada International with Raymond Desmarteau

Sofia Blondin and myself were interviewed on ICI Radio-Canada on our upcoming immersive documentary performance entitled "The Address".

Interview with Nora Rosenthal from Cult MTL

I chatted with the Cult's art critic Nora Rosenthal on my work "Les Interprètes" and on participatory art ethics. Full interview can be found in print or online:

Live on CBC Montreal

I will be live on Homerun with Sue Smith to chat about the most recent iteration of my work entitled "Les Interprètes". Show opening this week in Maison de la Culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal!

Premiere of Les Interprètes!

Les Interprètes premieres in Maison de la Culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal. This live nonfiction media performance goes against current documentary representations that gratuitously victimize and exploit the narratives of immigrant youth.

This is an authorized message from the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion of Quebec

Veronica Mockler and Centre Turbine explored the role of art in the workspace. No further information can be shared at this time.

Workshops with Immigration State Workers

I am invited to facilitate a series of art workshops with a group of provincial public workers in the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion on the themes of self-representation, agency and bureaucracy through performance and conceptual art.

Active Perspective-Taking with Third Space Gallery

I am facilitating an «Active Perspective-Taking» performance workshop part of Third Shift's upcoming festival this August. Join me for this free and exploratory dialogic exploration.

Giving a workshop on art & cyber self-representation!

I'm facilitating a workshop on the theme of online self-representation through art. We'll be exploring performance, persona and documentary practices as ways to control our 'story' online.

Performance on the Right to Housing wins First Prize

Our work "The Address" wins the Patron of the Arts' First Prize which is awarded by the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

Artist Affiliate at the Centre for Oral History & Digital Storytelling

I am now an affiliate artist at COHDS. The Centre brings together hundreds of researchers, artists, students, educators and community-based organizations—what a lovely community!

Artist-in-Residence with Videographe Montreal

I am starting a production residency with Vidéographe Montréal as of 2019 to produce my new relational performance video work entitled "Forum".

14-page spread interview in WCM Berlin / Special Edition

I discussed my work and practice with Women Cinema Maker in Berlin. Have a read:

Les Interprètes in Funambules Média Festival

"Les Interprètes" is back again in Montreal. Cool teens Zahia, Farah and Sarah share their personal stories with the public and present the performance work the've created with me during my residency in their high school.

Commission by ethnographer group Amplifier!

Co-creating an ethno-documentary performance on the Right to Housing in Côtes-des-Neiges with tenants, property owners, inspectors, activists, and city planners.

Les Interprètes in Cinéma Sous les Étoiles

A segment of video performance "Les Interprètes" was presented in Festival Cinéma Sous les Étoiles. The performance was presented by three of the 16 teenagers with who I collaborated last Spring.

Canvassers in Public Art Festival

Showing "Canvassers" in Third Shift Festival. Organized by Third Space Gallery in Saint-John New-Brunswick, this public screening will take place in August 2018. I'll be there too to facilitate a workshop!

Six-week residency comes to an end!

Finishing up my residency with Centre Turbine in Montreal's Jeanne-Mance High School. I worked with a group of 16 teenagers to create a series of video performances in which they talked about their daily thoughts and experiences. These teens are the coolest!

Women Cinema Maker in Berlin

Women Cinema Makers in Germany interviewed me on my work entitled "Chronique d'un été" for their Special Edition publication which features a selection of 10 women artists from around the world.

Youth-centred media interventions coming up!

As an artist-in-residence in a Montreal high school over the next 2 months, I'll be working with 16 teenagers who have just recently immigrated to Québec. Thanks to Centre Turbine, for helping me engage communities in critical media art practices.

Feature in Thought-Provokers Series in Boston

Tiny feature in Boston Voyager's Thought-Provokers Series. Check it out the article:

Rivières draws hundreds of Montrealers to CDN

Hundreds showed up to our series of live documentary performances created by Visible Art Collective, which I co-founded with theatre artist Sofia Blondin.

Fellowship to travel to Ammerman Centre

I got an Independent Fellowship by the Centre for the Critical Study of Race and Ethnicity. The fellowship awards artists/scholars who demonstrate excellence in their work, and a commitment to their careers and artistic communities.

Weekly column on CISM 89.3 show Les Étangs d'Art

I'll be a weekly columnist on the contemporary art radio show "Les Étangs d'Art" this winter alongside artist Florencia Sosa Rey and journalist Pierre de Montvalon.

A new collective endeavour!

Co-founded with theatre artist Sofia Blondin the 'Visible Art Collective' in which we highlight the power of Montrealers by creating gatherings for dialogue that are performative, plural and media-based.

Canvassers in Arts & Tech Biennial

Canvassers will be part of INTERSECTIONS: 16th Biennial for Arts & Technology at the Ammerman Center (CT, USA). I will be attending the Biennial to present my work in "Future Perfect" exhibition curated by Nadav Assor.

Digital Storytelling project in Belfast, Northern Ireland

I am heading to Belfast (UK) to initiate an oral history project with, and about, Susana Hennessey (retired Oakland Public Health Educator) and her husband Bobby Lavery (Republican Long Kesh prisoner and retired Sinn Féin politician).

Official Selection at GSTAAD

My video work "Chronique d'un été" is representing Canada alongside works from Lisa Birke and John Graham in GSTAAD Art Film Festival. This Swiss biennial competition is taking place in Montevideo, Uruguay this year!

Donating a work to Galerie Galerie Digital Art Auction

Donating a work to Galerie Galerie for their first Digital Art Auction on August 31, 2017. The auction takes place in Eastern Bloc (Montreal). Encourage this pioneering internet-based art space & the up-and-coming artists they represent.

Rivières receives Theatre Engaging Communities Bursary!

Rivières, our series of documentary performances, receives funding from the TEC program which aims to support artistic and performance innovation that builds ties with given communities.

Interviews with residents of Côte-des-Neiges

Theatre artist Sofia Blondin and I have completed our first month of interviews/research in Côte-des-Neiges borough, Montreal. Resulting in a series of documentary performances, this work is presented as part of the city's 375th-anniversary initiative.

Screening of The Left Point in Dazibao!

Dazibao is screening The Left Point alongside the work of Anna Hawkins as part of their artist-talk series "This is not a lecture". This event is part of Kathryn Elkin's solo exhibition "Television", curated by France Choinière and LUX UK.

Canvassers is going into distribution!

My video performance entitled "Canvassers" is going into distribution with Vidéographe. Established in 1971 in Montréal, Vidéographe is a Canadian artist-run centre dedicated to the research & dissemination of moving image practices.

Solo opening in Redd Flagg Gallery in Toronto!

Thrilled to have my video performance and exhibition "Canvassers" opening on February 14, 2017 in Redd Flagg Gallery Toronto. The work is presented in an exhibition project imagined by curator Christophe Barbeau.

Solo exhibition in POP Espace Montreal

"Chronique d'un été" premiered on April 27, 2016, in solo show at POP Espace Montreal. Poem "The Mountains They Will Crumble" by author Nick Williams accompanies the video installation.

Short Biography

Montreal/Tiothià:ke artist Veronica Mockler is a researcher, creator and facilitator of participatory dialogue-based projects that transform the act of listening to others into art form. Politically collaborative, her work takes on various shapes, including private interviews, public addresses, video performances, and conversation scores. Her pieces have unfolded within diverse settings, spanning from curated art spaces to official governmental bodies, as well as academic institutions and community organizations.

Mockler's practice is informed by oral history, documentary tradition, and radical working class education, and raises questions about who can speak but also be heard within the institutions of art, citizenship, and knowledge.

The artist is currently working as a core research affiliate at Concordia University with UNESCO-PREV co-chair Dr. Vivek Venkatesh.

Affiliation and Collectives

Acts of Listening Lab
Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling
Womxn Walk the Walk
Visible Art Collective
Project Someone's Innovative Social Pedagogy
UNESCO Chair in the Prevention of Radicalization and Violent Extremism
Landscape of Hate and Hope

Recent Publication

Mockler, Veronica “Home Rule”, Cigale Journal, no. 3 “Sovereignties”, 2022, pp. 84–91.

Independent Women's Cinema: An interview with Canadian artist Veronica Mockler |


Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV)


Recent Media Coverage

Faire preuve de créativité pour lutter contre les rénovictions, LA CONVERSE (fr)

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L’adresse : les taudis, comme si vous y viviez, LA PRESSE, Arts et Être (fr)

Côte-des-Neiges residents share housing stories through art performance, CBC NEWS (en)

L’adresse: une performance ethnodocu immersive bilingue, RADIO-CANADA INTERNATIONAL (fr)

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