Veronica Mockler

Womxn Walk the Walk
Sharing experiences of womxnhood in live Oral History Performance.
Artist-in-Residence at Maison des Artistes (Winnipeg, MA) for community-based creation.
The Address
Series of ethnographic & documentary performances on the Right to Housing.
Listening to Nati
Ongoing documentary work on the public representation of Nati's story and sexual violence activism.
Les Interprètes
Video performances featuring the daily thoughts of 16 newly arrived teenagers.
Oral history project on the lives and resilience of Susana Hennessey and Bobby Lavery.
Documentary performances featuring eight residents who live and work in Côte-des-Neiges.
The Left Point
Experiment on ideological disagreement in Belfast (Northern Ireland, UK).
Video performance on the political potential of impromptu face-to-face personal story sharing.
Chronique d'un été
A cinéma-vérité critique of a specific white Québecois youth demographic.
The artist places a camera in front of eight randomly chosen people.
Spending Time With Nadia
Relational work in which the artist spends time with a women she does not know.
23 / 03 / 2014
Ongoing performance in which participants and the artist answer a personal question publicly.
Listing 02
Performance by the artist about who she is and who she is not as a human being.
23 / 11 / 2013
Ongoing performance in which participants and the artist answer a personal question publicly.
Listing 01
Performance by the artist about who she is and who she is not as a human being.
Love Me Love Me Say That You Love Me
Three-channel video on our expanding need for validation.
Le Premier Cycle
Video study concerning the random nature of privilege.
The Persona
Three part performance series that explores partying as a persona.
Exhibiting Concern / Two Studies
Two video studies that question the act of being seen and its gendered experience.

Presentation & exhibition in Emerging Scholars' Symposium

Mockler is presenting her research and work with Womxn Walk the Walk in Feminist Spatial Stories: the 7th Annual Emerging Scholars' Symposium.

Workshop facilitation with Filipino Heritage Group

WWW facilitated a workshop with women from Filipino Heritage Group during which the group explored storytelling through oral performance and embodied mapping.

Workshop facilitation in Côte-des-Neiges

Womxn Walk the Walk is facilitating a workshop with Filipino Heritage Community group in CDN on feminist social memory. 12PM Jan 17, 2019

Exhibition closes in Winnipeg

Mockler's exhibition of work facilitated with Winnipeg francophone community members ends this week. Go check it out at Maison des artistes visuels!

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Mockler receives a grant from the Quebec Art Council (Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec) for her work entitled "Pavillon".

Exhibition opening in Winnipeg

Mockler's work Pavillon is opening on December 5, 2019 in Maison des artistes visuels francophones in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She will be present alongside members of the community who participated in the residency.

Mockler on CBC to talk about new exhibition!

Mockler live on L'Actuel to talk about her newest work entitled "Pavillon" premiering at la Maison des artistes visuels on December 5, 2019.

Video program in La Lumière

Video art program "WEAVING NARRATIVES" curated by Amanda Gutierrez screened in La Lumière. Works by Carolina González Valencia, Adela Goldbard, Veronica Mockler, & Amanda Gutiérrez. Image of Mockler's work

Public Performance with WWW

Mockler with Joanna Guillaume performed publicly within Women Walk the Walk Collective on Nov. 16th. This performance was the closing event of a walk in commemoration of the Polytechnique Massacre.

Irish senator visits Mockler's exhibition

Sinn Féin Senator Niall Ó Donnghaile visits Mockler's sound installation featuring her interview with Susana and Bobby Lavery, in Montreal, QC Canada.

Installation opening in Centre for Oral History

Image of Mockler's sound installation part of the Acts of Listening Lab's symposium Listening, Performance, and Conflict from November 4-10 in the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling.

Screening in LA LUMIÈRE

Weaving Narratives: Four Takes is a video program featuring four female artists dealing with themes of oral history and suppressed narratives in their practice. Curated by Amanda Gutierrez

Oral History Sound Installation

Mockler is presenting a sound installation part of her work Athléimneacht in International Symposium dedicated to practice & research on performance art, listening and conflict.

Part of a new initiative!

Womxn Walk the Walk's workshops investigate the place of womxn in public space, through story-sharing, oral history performance, sound & new media.

Artist-in-Residence at MAVF in Winnipeg

Tune in to listen to Mockler's interview with CBC on her creative process during her residency at la MAVF. Mockler is conducting community-based research-creation with a group of 11 francophones living in Winnipeg.

Article by URBANIA on work presented in The Triangle

URBANIA Magazine interviews the artist and her collaborator Sofia Blondin on the research that led to the creation of their series of ethno-documentary performances that opened on May 25, 2019.

Article in La Presse after The Address's première

Honoured to have Head the Investigation Katia Gagnon at La Presse write an editorial piece on our work The Address. Gagnon has been covering the housing situation in Montreal for years.

The Address opens in The Triangle

Mockler has been working on an ethno-documentary performance on housing rights for the past year. Come and witness the creative outcome of her collective Visible's investigation and meet actual citizens who have been involved in - and affected by - the crisis.

Live radio interview with Visible on CBC Montreal

Tune in on CBC Radio Montreal on May 23, 2019 at 6PM to hear Sofia Blondin and Veronica Mockler's live interview about upcoming work on Housing Rights in Côte-des-Neiges borough.

Mockler and Blondin (Visible) are interviewed by Raymond Desmarteau on ICI Radio-Canada

The two women artist were interviewed on ICI Radio-Canada on their upcoming immersive documentary performance entitled The Address.

Interview with Nora Rosenthal from Cult MTL

The artist was interviewed by art critic Nora Rosenthal on her work Les Interprètes and her approach to participatory art. The full interview can be found in Cult MTL's monthly printed issue.

Live radio interview on CBC Montreal

The artist will be live on Homerun with Sue Smith who will interview Mockler on her most recent iteration of piece Les Interprètes and work behind her show in Maison de la Culture.

Performance in Maison de la Culture in Montreal

Les Interprètes opens on April 10, 2019 in Maison de la Culture du Plateau. This work by Mockler is a live nonfiction piece that goes against current documentary treatments that gratuitously victimize and exploit the narratives of folks who have undergone migration.

This is an authorized message from the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion of Quebec

Veronica Mockler and Centre Turbine explored the role of art in the workspace. No further information can be shared at this time.

Workshops with Immigration State Workers

The artist was invited to facilitate a series of workshops with a group of public servants who work in the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion. With the group, Mockler investigated performance and conceptual art.

Active Perspective-Taking with Veronica Mockler

Mockler is facilitating an «Active Perspective-Taking in Art» workshop part of Third Shift Festival this upcoming August. Join her for this free and politically transformative performance-based exploration.

Workshop with Mockler on cyber self-representation

The artist facilitated a workshop with 11-year-olds on the theme of online self-representation. Organized by Millimètre Second in MediaLibrary of Montarville, Mockler and the group explored storytelling and agency in cyberspace.

Performance piece on the Right to Housing wins First Prize

The artist's work entitled The Address (made in collaboration with theatre artist Sofia Blondin) wins the Patron of the Arts First Prize administered by the Montreal Arts Council.

Artist Affiliate at the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling

Mockler is now an affiliate artist at COHDS. The Centre brings together hundreds of researchers, artists, students, educators and community-based organizations.

Artist-in-Residence with Videographe Montreal

The artist will be starting a production residency with Vidéographe in Montreal as of 2019 to produce her new relational performance video work entitled Forum.

14-page spread interview in WCM Berlin / Special Edition

Mockler discusses her work and practice with Women Cinema Maker in Berlin, Germany. Go to following link for full article:

Les Interprètes in Funambules Média Festival

Les Interprètes is back again in Montreal. Teenagers Zahia, Farah and Sarah share their personal stories with the public and present the performance work the've created with Mockler during her residency in their classroom.

Commission by Amplifier Ethnographers

Visible has been commissioned performance art piece on the housing situation of Côte-des-Neiges. The two women artist have started their interview-based research with tenants, property owners, developers, inspectors, activists, and more.

Les Interprètes in Cinéma Sous les Étoiles

A segment of Les Interprètes was presented in Festival Cinéma Sous les Étoiles. The performance featured three of the 16 teenagers with whom the artist collaborated earlier this year.

Mockler is showing Canvassers in Third Shift

Canvassers has been selected in Third Shift Festival. Organized by Third Space Gallery in Saint-John NB, this public screening will take place at the end of August 2018.

Six-week residency comes to an end!

Mockler finishes up her residency with Centre Turbine in Montreal Jeanne-Mance High School. The artist worked with a group of 16 teenagers and created a series of performances with them in which they address their daily thoughts and experiences.

Mockler selected in Women Cinema Maker (Berlin, Germany)

Women Cinema Makers in Germany interviewed Mockler on her work entitled Chronique d'un été for their Special Edition featuring 10 women artist from around the world.


Mockler is an Artist-in-Residence at Centre Turbine. Mockler will be conducting research-creation with 16 teenagers who are newly arrived to Canada. Centre Turbine is an art pedagogy organization dedicated to bringing current art practices into communities.

Feature in Thought-Provokers Series

Mockler is featured artist in Boston Voyager's Thought-Provokers Series. Check it out the article:

Rivières draws hundreds of Montrealers to CDN

Rivières opened on December 15, 2017 and featured eight citizens living in the Côte-des-Neiges borough of Montreal. Hundreds of Montrealers showed up to this series of live documentary performances created by Visible (co-founded by Mockler and Sofia Blondin).

Fellowship to travel to Ammerman Centre

Mockler receives the Independent Fellowship by Centre for the Critical Study of Race and Ethnicity that awards artists/scholars who demonstrate excellence in their work, and a commitment to their careers and artistic communities.

Weekly column on CISM 89.3 Les Étangs d'art

The artist is now a weekly columnist on contemporary art radio show Les Étangs d'art alongside fellow artist Florencia Sosa Rey and journalist Pierre de Montvalon.

Co-founder of Visible

Visible (founded by Sofia Blondin & Veronica Mockler) highlights the power of citizen expression through performative and diversified gatherings. Documentary processes are at the basis of their work in which individuals are invited to express and represent themselves.

Canvassers in Arts & Tech Biennial

Canvassers will be part of Intersections, the 16th Biennial for Arts and Technology at the Ammerman Center (CT, USA). Mockler will be attending the Biennial to present her work in Future Perfect exhibition curated by Nadav Assor.

Digital Storytelling project in Belfast, Northern Ireland

The artist is heading to Belfast to start a research-creation oral history project with, and about, Susana Hennessey (retired Health and Social Justice Educator and her husband Bobby Lavery (sentenced Republican Long Kesh prisoner and elected official).

Official Selection at GSTAAD

Mockler's Chronique d'un été is representing Canada alongside works from Lisa Birke and John Graham in GSTAAD Art Film Festival. This biennial Swiss competition is this year taking place in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Donating a work to Galerie Galerie Digital Art Auction

Donating a work to Galerie Galerie for their first Digital Art Auction on August 31, 2017. The exhibition and auction event will take place in Eastern Bloc (Montreal). Encourage this pioneering cyber-based art space and the up-and-coming artists they represent.

Rivières receives Theatre Engaging Communities Program (TEC) funding!

Rivières (series of citizen documentary performances) receives funding from TEC for its artistic innovation in building ties with the community.

Interviews in the community of Côte-des-Neiges

Mockler and theatre artist Sofia Blondin have completed their first month of interviews and research in Côte-des-Neiges borough of Montreal. Resulting in a series of citizen documentary performances, this project is part of the city's 375th anniversary initiative.

Screening of The Left Point in Dazibao (Montreal)

Dazibao is screening The Left Point alongside the work of Anna Hawkins as part of their artist-talk series This is not a lecture. This event is part of Kathryn Elkin's solo exhibition entitled Television, curated by France Choinière and LUX UK.

Canvassers is going into distribution!

Canvassers (video-performance) is going into distribution with Vidéographe. Established in 1971 in Montréal, Vidéographe is a Canadian artist-run centre dedicated to the research and dissemination of moving image practices.

Solo show opening in Redding Flagg Gallery (Toronto, Canada)

Mockler's video-performance entitled Canvassers is premiering on February 14, 2017 in Redding Flagg Gallery. The work is presented in an exhibition project imagined by curator Christophe Barbeau.

Solo exhibition in POP Espace Montreal

Chronique d'un été premiered on April 27, 2016 in solo show at POP Espace Montreal. Exhibition statement was written by author Nick Williams (The Mountains They Will Crumble).


Veronica Mockler was born in Quebec City in 1991. She graduated with Distinction from Concordia University (BFA Studio Arts) in 2015 after living and studying abroad in the Republic of Ireland. Mockler has since been based in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal where she works as a professional artist creating socially engaged dialogic art. The artist is now conducting research-creation in performance art, social practice and public pedagogy, as well as in oral history. As a Master of Arts in Fine Arts student at Concordia University, she is pursuing an Individualized Program she designed for herself. Her research entitled Real Face Time as Art: Speech Acts for Social Transformation delves deeply into the power of face-to-face interaction and what politically transpires when people express personal experiences and points of view with Others. Mockler is looking at how to facilitate such interactions and how—when devised as contemporary art—these encounters can socially transform participating interlocutors and audiences. Her research is supported by the Acts of Listening Lab under the primary supervision of Canada's Research Chair in Oral History Performance. Mockler's work as an artist has been featured in exhibitions, festivals and conferences namely: Women Cinema Makers (Berlin, Germany), Ammerman Center's Biennial of Art and Technology (New London, CT, U.S.A.), Gstaad International Art Film Festival (Montevideo, Uruguay), Third Shift Festival (Saint John, NB, Canada), Maison des Artistes Visuels (Winnipeg, MA, Canada) Redding Flagg Gallery (Toronto, ON, Canada), Manif d’art Biennale (Québec, QC, Canada), ATSA at Place des Arts, Cinéma Sous les Étoiles, Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling, Eastern Bloc, Dazibao, Maison de la culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal, Vidéographe (Tiohtià:ke/Montréal, QC, Canada). The artist is the co-founder of Visible, a Tiohtià:ke/Montréal art collective that highlights the power of citizen expression through performative, digital and diversified gatherings. She also co-founded Womxn Walk the Walk collective in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal, a sister initiative to Brooklyn's League of Women Walkers. The artist has been the recipient of awards and grants for her work, both in Canada and abroad from various entities. The artist draws from many fields and practices: oral history, documentary, public pedagogy, community development, new media, performance, relational art, conceptual art, activism, and art education.

Veronica Mockler tackles a wide range of social issues by presenting the experiences of the people living these realities. Her performances, experimental videos and installations have been described as a "call to action" "blending [of] humour with sobering realism", as well as sometimes "leaving you with a haunting question". — (La Presse, 2019)

For more information on her experience, awards and press, please click here (CV)**\.**

Artist Statement

I collaborate with people to present their reality to audiences in order to socially challenge these audiences. I hope to fill part of the gap that technology creates between real human connection and virtual media connectedness. I work on projects in and out of the gallery space by collaborating with individuals on their self-assertion in the white cube and by summoning different audiences to listen to these same individuals in alternative spaces. I personally hold any art production socially accountable and thereby dedicate my practice to the deactivation of colonialism, capitalism and individualism. My position as a white, Western, straight, typical, human comes with social privileges I cannot depart myself from. Every day, I intend to work on better understanding my position and its implication on my collaboration with other people. My goal is to create art that strengthens the agency of my collaborators. The practice of presenting discourse that is not my own is an ethically, politically and aesthetically complex endeavour. This complexity is what drives me—motivates me.

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